Skills Investment Plans

Skills Development Scotland provide a wealth of information on how skills can drive growth and opportunities in Scotland’s sectors and regions. Find out what we, and our partners, are doing to bring these plans to life.

Through Skills Investment Planning, we aim to bring skills demand and supply closer together. We contribute to a vibrant economy by supporting individuals to develop the skills industry needs. And, we support sectors and regions to make best use of the people, skills and resources available.

The first stage was building Skills Investment Plans (SIPs). SIPs describe the skills challenges and opportunities across Scotland’s key sectors. They give a picture of the economic and labour market situation, trends in skills and qualification supply and employers’ perspectives on the big skills issues affecting sector growth.

On behalf of the Scottish Government, we worked with Industry Leadership Groups and other key industry players to develop these plans. They were created through a process of labour market and skills supply research and analysis, industry consultation and action planning with industry and partners across Scotland’s education and skills system.

Each SIP is tailored to the needs of the sector. We also ensure that SDS services for individuals and employers line up with the SIP recommendations. With the plans now in place, we’ll continue working with industry and partners to carry out the actions and monitor progress.

Skills Investment Plans are currently available for:

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