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Know your options

The Training and Skills section has been developed to highlight training opportunities for young people in Highland. It will help you to consider your options at the point of leaving school, and beyond, up to the age of 24. We will help you to research what is available in your area and to plan for further learning or eventual employment. All opportunities are categorised by age, stages 1 to 5 on the employability pipeline, skills on offer and area.

Employability Pipeline Explained!

  • 1
    Stage 1 is for you if:
    You need tailored support to think about your future and to develop skills for life, work, and learning.
  • 2
    Stage 2 is for you if:
    You are quite not ready to start work and could require structured support to access learning.
  • 3
    Stage 3 is for you if:
    You want to develop the skills and knowledge you will need to compete in the labour market.
  • 4
    Stage 4 is for you if:
    You have some qualifications but need to gain experience and vocational qualifications to increase your chances of employment.
  • 5
    Stage 5 is for you if:
    You are already working or have just started a job and would like some help with progressing in your employment.

Next steps

Once you have found something that interests you, speak to your Skills Development Scotland Advisor or Guidance Teacher if you are still in school. If you have left school and are registered with the Job Centre, speak to your Job Centre Advisor, or alternatively you can contact the training provider for further information. They will be able to advise you about availability and funding. There is no guarantee of a place until an official referral has been made. You will then have an informal interview to discuss if this is the best option for you.

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