About Hi-hope

Hi-hope is an online resource giving lots of information on what's out there for young people leaving school in the Highlands

Welcome to Hi-hope

Are you leaving school soon and not sure what to do?

Have you already left and are looking at your next steps?

Do you help young people to plan their future?

…if you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then this is the place for you!

Looking ahead to the future can seem daunting so we’ve gathered all the information you need to help you research your options, find out about training opportunities, jobs and volunteering.

If you’re still at school have a look at our Work Placement section and check out the wide range of employers who could help you develop skills and explore jobs you might be interested in before you leave school.

We work with schools, employers, Skills Development Scotland, colleges, job centres and Developing the Young Workforce groups to keep all this information up to date but if there’s anything missing just drop us an email at info@hi-hope.org.

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