The Hi-Hope Directory starts here!

As you'll see, the Hi-Hope Directory is an online resource giving lots of information on what's out there for young people leaving school in the Highlands.

Select the chapter or topic you are interested in and you can see what's available through all of Highland, or just in your local area.

You can print out your own personal copy or simply browse the entries. You'll also find a Learning Choices section and an Easy Read section.

Thi Hi-Hope Handbook has been brought together by a group of representatives from The Highland Council, NHS Highland, and CHIP+. It follows "It's My Choice", a directory which was produced by the same organisations in 2005 and again in 2007. This was a very popular and much-used resource.

The on-line directory has been extended and all young people in the Highlands will find information which will support them to make choices, find opportunities or contact services they need. We have even included Gap Year information.

In May 2012 we consulted with a range of people to find out what worked, what needed to change and what value we might be able to add to the directory - your opinion counts.

If you have ideas for how we can improve the directory, or suggestions for other resources, please contact us at the address below.

We hope you find the information you need to help you plan what comes next - in all areas of your life - and discover the huge range of possibilities in Highland!

Happy browsing. Enjoy the Hi-Hope Directory.

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Work Experience
Please Note: There will be some instances where funding will be required to access a service listed in this directory. Application for this requires to be made following appropriate Highland Council and/or NHS assessment for Adult Services and consequent resource allocation procedures. Further information on accessing services can be obtained from your local Adult Services Team.