Pulteneytown People’s Project

Pulteneytown People’s Project (PPP) is a community group which provides services and support for everyone in East Caithness. From newborn babies to senior citizens, PPP offers classes, groups and programmes aimed at helping people reach their potential. PPP runs various youth programmes and groups which can aid in the difficult transition from leaving school to further education or employment.

Listed are some PPP programmes which young adults may find of benefit: Activity Agreements – Activity Agreements are for 16–19 year olds who have left school and are not in employment. An Activity Agreement is a six month contract signed between the young person, PPP, Highland Council and Skills Development Scotland which is tailor suited to the person’s aspirations and skills. On an Activity Agreement the young person will work towards developing skills and gaining qualifications through courses and exercises with the aim of finding work or further education.

Training & Skills

We provide support for training and skills in accordance with the Employability Pipeline. If you are unsure about what stage you are at in the Employability Pipeline, our Training & Skills section can help you find out what help is available to you.


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