Pulteneytown People’s Project - Stage 3

What do we offer at Stage 3?

You will undertake a 12 week programme where you will gain valuable work experience over 3 to 4 days per week. The placement will be with a local employer and could eventually lead into paid employment. You will also attend one training day per week working towards a qualification, which will be supported by your workplace experience.

Who can apply?

This programme is suitable for anyone who is aged 16+ and is not in education, training or employment. You may be lacking experience of the workplace which could be preventing you from getting a job, although you could be job-ready.

What can you achieve?

You will be working towards achieving a minimum of 18 SCQF Level 4 points (equivalent to National 4, Intermediate 1 or General Level Standard Grade) and also towards a Certificate of Work Readiness, supported by your work placement.

Can I get a training allowance?

You could receive a training allowance of £55 per week for taking part in the Employability Fund Programme or if you are registered with the Job Centre you could receive a training allowance equal to your DWP benefit allowance.

Who do I contact to find out more?

Contact the Pulteneytown Office below for further details or speak to your local Skills Development Scotland Office for further information. If you are registered with the Job Centre speak to your Adviser in the first instance.



Training Centre Team, Pulteney Centre, Wick