Artlands North


Introducing Artlands North: an online, interactive map showcasing the wealth and diversity of art and craft in the North of Scotland. Maintained by Timespan, this register of galleries, public artworks and studios aims to boost the digital presence of local artists and makers, allowing new, virtual audiences to discover the creative landscape of the Highlands and Islands.

If you are based north of the Caledonian Canal (including Orkney, Shetland and the Islands) and would like a profile on Artlands North, please register through the homepage ( There is no fee – to create your profile, all you need is a blurb about your studio and/or work, a web link, and some photos. If you need help getting started please email Timespan at

Register today, and put yourself on the map!

Explore the creative landscape of the Scotland’s Far North with Artlands North. This microsite, managed by Timespan Museum and Heritage Centre, is an interactive map of artists’ studios, galleries and public artworks found north of the Caledonian Canal. It provides visitor information, photos, tours and 360° studio views, enabling virtual visitors, locals and tourists alike to discover the rich culture of this – often geographically remote – region.

Artlands North is intuitive and simple to use: search by region, medium or name; filter by type of destination; or zoom in to an area and click on the place markers. Even in the most remote corner you will find a studio, galley or artwork. By navigating the map, it is easy to see why many of the artists and makers featured find inspiration on their doorstep.

Timespan is rooted in the Highlands and this unique place forms the starting point for all of its activities. Through Artlands North, Timespan aims to support local artists and makers by connecting them to a global audience. Artlands North showcases the wealth and diversity of art and craft in the region; Timespan wants to make this extraordinary creative energy visible internationally.

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