Glachbeg Croft Education Centre

Glachbeg provides day or part day placements for individual people in the safe context of the 14 acre croft and its resources, which includes: livestock, growing areas, woodland, kitchen and classroom. Most work is hands-on and practical, though a teacher is available for more formal learning. You are most likely to work with someone on a one to one basis and much of your time will be spent outdoors.

You may be referred as part of an Activity Agreement, or may be able to be referred through Health and Social Care Services. You will complete an application form and then make a pre-placement visit to Glachbeg. Glachbeg Croft provides placements throughout the education service and to young adults.

Glachbeg is available to anyone in Highland who is able to travel to the North Kessock area.

Training & Skills

We provide support for training and skills in accordance with the Employability Pipeline. If you are unsure about what stage you are at in the Employability Pipeline, our Training & Skills section can help you find out what help is available to you.


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