Glachbeg Croft - Stages 1+2

What do we offer at Stages 1 + 2?

We will work with you to design a programme to meet your needs, using the context of the 14 acre croft and its resources - which includes, livestock, growing areas, woodland, kitchen and classroom. Most work is hands-on and practical, though a teacher is available for more formal learning. Placements will take place for 6 sessions, with extensions by agreement. You are most likely to work with someone on a one to one basis and much of your time will be spent outdoors.

Who can apply?

You may be referred as a part of an Activity Agreement, or may be referred through Health and Social Care Services. You may also be referred through the Employability Service or use your Self-Directed Support package to fund your place if you are eligible. You will complete an application form and then make a pre-placement visit to Glachbeg. Glachbeg Croft provides placements throughout the education service and to young adults. Glachbeg is available to anyone in Highland who is able to travel to the North Kessock area.

What can you achieve?

You will gain practical on-the-job experience of working on a small croft and working with others. You may also underake ASDAN units if this is appropriate to your needs.

Can I get a training allowance?

If you are undertaking your training at Glachbeg as part of an Activity Agreement, you may be entitled to an Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA).

Who do I contact to find out more?

For general enquiries about the opportunities at Glachbeg - speak to Bob Bull - contact details below.
If you are receiving support from Health & Social Care - speak to your Health or Social Worker in the first instance.
If you are still at school - speak to your Guidance Teacher or Skills Development Scotland Careers Advisor.
If you are registered with the Job Centre - speak to your Advisor.



Glachbeg Croft, Allanglach Wood, North Kessock, Inverness