Young Enterprise Scotland

Young Enterprise Scotland offers a wide variety of enterprise & financial education programmes and development opportunities for young people of all ages across all of Scotland.

Enterprise Education

Programmes for Secondary Schools includes:

The Company Programme - S5 & S6

Running over the course of a full academic year, young people from S5 & S6 start up their own student company, running through the key milestones of developing an idea, conducting market research, creating the product or service, promoting that product and ultimately trading it. This programme comes with accreditation at SCQF Level 6. For more information about local Highland & Moray support visit ->

The Team Programme - Age 15+

The Team Programme is a year-long enterprise journey for students over the age of 15 who have mild to moderate additional support needs. This programme comes with support, full resources and accreditation at SCQF Level 3 from Young Enterprise Scotland.

Tenner Challenge - Ages 11-19

A free national enterprise challenge, helping students to gain confidence and prepare for the world of work. Running over a month students are pledged £10 from the Tenner Bank and use this start-up capital to get their enterprise off the ground. For students aged 11-19, Tenner provides the first practical steps of running a student company and can be used in preparation for taking part in Company or Team Programme or as a stand alone programme. There are easy to access online resources to support teachers and students with ideas, inspiration and motivation.

Learn to Earn - S1 to S4

Raising aspirations and empowering young people to make informed decisions about their subject and career choices. Learn to Earn motivates S1 - S4 students by encouraging them to consider financial plans for the future, set goals and think about their future study options. Learn to Earn explores themes such as personal skills and talents, career choices, salaries, earnings, income tax, the cost of living, financial planning and budgeting. It helps students develop key financial education skills.

This programme can be run as a one day in-school programme run by the YES trained programme Team or as a two-hour digital programme.

High Street Challenge - S1 to S3

High Street Challenge is designed to inspire young people in S1 - S3 in the subject of business through a day-long project that also encourages creative thinking and team-working. The focus is to consider the decline of the High Street, then work in groups to create an enterprise that will help regenerate their local area, while also meeting the needs of the community.

Circular Solution Programme - Aimed at students working at Levels 2, 3 or 4 of CfE

Pupils will learn about the principles and benefits of a circular economy through inspiring case studies, create their own product or service that will reduce or eradicate waste, before branding, promoting and sharing their world-beating solutions. The Circular Solutions Challenge, is part of COP26 and our 2022 Festival of Youth Enterprise. The programme is flexible and can be done any time from October 2021 (in the lead up to COP 26) right up to submission deadline of Friday 20th May 2022.

This programme comes with a comprehensive teachers' resource pack containing flexible lesson plans, curricular links, teacher notes, inspiring case studies and all necessary classroom resources.

Employable me - Ages 13 to 19

Suitable for students aged 13-19, Employable Me provides students with an opportunity to learn about the skills and qualities that are required to be successful in the workplace, and how to ensure that they present the very best version of themselves. The programme has 5 units relating to employability. It will equip students to showcase their skills and experience in the very best way to create an 'employable me'.

Route to Success - Ages 13 to 19

Suitable for students aged 13-19, Route to Success provides students with opportunities to explore future pathways and careers. This programme has 5 units to empower students to make informed decisions about the right route to success for them.


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