Autism Rights Group Highland (ARGH)

ARGH is run by and for autistic adults living in the Highland region who are 18 years or over. ARGH is a fully independent self run and self funded organisation, the first of it’s kind in the UK and the only one in Scotland.

They are a group advocacy organisation and some of their aims are to:

  • Campaign for better public services with the Highlands and beyond
  • Train service providers to understand what autistic people really experience
  • Challenge stigma and discrimination

Meetings are held every month in Inverness; attendance at meetings is not required of the membership, all members are encouraged to involve themselves within the group as much or as little as they wish. Membership benefits include access to members only message board and a membership card which doubles as an autism alert card which can be used as a communication tool when needed.

Membership is currently free (but donations are welcome)

If you do not have an autistic spectrum condition, then you can stay informed about the work of ARGH by subscribing to the mailing list.

The term ‘Autistic’ refers to people with Autistic Spectrum Conditions, including Aspergers syndrome.

ARGH Autism Alert Card

The ARGH card is designed by autistic people and is available to all autistic people, children and adults, across the UK and beyond.

Our intention is that the card can be used in day to day situations, eg shops, libraries, colleges, buses, as well as in emergency situations such as criminal justice or health, and is already being carried by people of all ages across the UK who have reported that it is really helping them.

Made in a credit card style from high quality plastic, the alert card fits easily into a person’s wallet, purse or pocket, designed to be easy to carry, it acts as a visual aid to assist both the person carrying it and the person to whom it is presented.

Cards can be purchased through the ARGH website or alternatively send £1 cash, or a cheque made payable to ‘Autism Rights Group Highland’ including a self addressed envelope with a regular 1st class stamp to: ARGH 22, Wester Inshes Place, Inverness, Highland

More information about the card can be found on the ARGH website: ARGHcard


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ARGH 22, Wester Inshes Place, Inverness, Highland