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The Youth Team within High Life Highland provide and support a range of services for young people aged 11 to 26 who are interested in taking part in activities and working within their community to make sure young people are listened to. High Life Highland places a qualified Youth Worker in each of the 29 secondary school catchment areas to support young people.

Young people are encouraged to take responsibility for their own development and are offered a range of Awards, which recognise and celebrate their achievements e.g. Duke of Edinburgh, Youth Achievement, John Muir and Saltire Awards
The Youth Workers are supported by a Highland-wide team who are responsible for programmes such as Highland Youth Voice (the youth parliament) and the national Young Scot services.
The Youth Worker staff also support the Highland Youth Convener. This is a full-time bursary post, for a young person to represent the interests of all young people to the Highland Council and other key agencies.

Highland Youth Voice
Highland Youth Voice is the youth parliament for the Highlands and is a key way for young people in the Highlands to engage in decision-making processes that affect their lives. It is made up of around 100 members elected by schools or youth forums. Members range from 14-25 years old and attend from all across Highland. The parliament meets twice a year at conferences and the Executive Committee meets regularly between to arrange youth consultations and plan events.
Contact Details:
High Life Highland
12-13 Ardross Street
T: 01463 663812 or 07557 566419
E: audrey.anthoney@highlifehighland.com or Ian.abbot@highlifehighland.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/highlandyouthvoice
Twitter: https://twitter.com/intent/follow?source=followbutton&variant=1.0&screen_name=HYouthVoice
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/highlandyouthvoice
Website: http://www.hyv.org.uk/

Highland Youth Convener
The Highland Youth Convener offers a consistent link for elected members and senior officials in The Highland Council to seek young people’s views and acts as a sounding board for youth issues in the Highlands and in this role has a direct line to policy makers and decision makers. The Youth Convener attends Council and Community Planning Partner meetings where appropriate, with full voting rights on Adult and Children’s Service committee and speaking rights at all other council committees.
Contact Details:
Shaun Finlayson
The Highland Youth Convener
High Life Highland
12-13 Ardross Street
T: 01463 663827 or 07818588259
E: youth.convener@highlifehighland.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/The-Highland-Youth-Convener/282370538488717
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HighlandYC

Duke of Edinburgh Awards
The Duke of Edinburgh Award is on offer through some schools, youth clubs, and voluntary organisations in Highland. The awards are for young people aged 14–25 and there are three levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold. At each level you complete 4 – 5 sections, involving volunteering, physical activity, skill development, residential and an expedition. You can gain certificates for each section you complete.

Youth Achievement Awards
Youth Achievement Awards and Dynamic Youth Awards are opportunities to take part in challenges which you record in a portfolio. These awards are accredited through ASDAN.

Young Scot Awards
The Young Scot Awards recognise and celebrate the amazing contribution that ordinary young people aged 12–22 make each day to their communities and country. Nominations of individuals and groups take place through the Sunday Mail and Young Scot website, with a closing date usually around February.
These awards have 12 categories – volunteering, arts, heritage, democracy, enterprise, sport, cultural diversity, unsung, environment, health, entertainment, and community. From winners in each of these sections one Young Scot is named.

Further information and contact details
Mike Jones
High Life Highland
12-13 Ardross Street
T: 01463 663826
E: mike.jones3@highlifehighland.com


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