Scottish Recovery Network (SRN)

Launched in 2004 SRN is a non-profit initiative working in Scotland and beyond. Our aim is to promote and support recovery from mental health problems. We act as a catalyst for change by sharing ideas and practice.

People who experience mental health problems and those around them should expect recovery. We want to see more:

  • Knowledge and understanding of recovery.
  • Empowerment for people affected by mental health problems.
  • Recovery focused policy and practice.

Learn more about what we do on the SRN website.

Please note that SRN does not directly provide health and social care services or support.

Although SRN is not a service provider, our website contains a wealth of useful information and resources about recovery including many personal stories of individual lived experience of mental health difficulties and recovery.

SRN has also launched a story-sharing website called Write to Recovery. This website is designed to help people affected by mental health problems on their journey of recovery. It invites you to write your stories and experiences - and gives you tools to inspire you.

Twitter: @SRN_Tweet


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