Highland Libraries

There are 40 public libraries across Highland plus 8 mobile libraries all of which are accessible. It is quick, easy and free to join, and you can use any library once you are a member. All libraries have computers for you to get online, email, create documents, download ebooks, get free access over 300 databases to help with coursework or general information, email a librarian with questions you can't find the answer to - plus much more.

All libraries have printers, scanners, USB card readers and photocopiers. If you have a particular requirement to enable you to use computers please let the staff know. You can use many library services from home if you have a computer, just go to www.highlifehighland.com and follow the library links. This is where you can find contact details for all highland libraries and more information on what they provide. Oh yes - and you can also borrow books - if you don't see what you want online or on the shelves just ask and we will get it for you - it won't cost a thing. The staff are happy to help you get the most out of your library.

The library service website is at www.highlifehighland.com.

If you have any questions please contact your local library or the Library Support Unit on:

01463 235713 or email libraries@highlifehighland.com


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Library Support Unit, 31a Harbour Road, Inverness