Highland's Homeless Prevention Team

The homeless prevention approach was implemented in Highland in June 2011 and has now been rolled out across the Highlands. Homeless Prevention Officers are working in your area and are currently helping young people at risk of homelessness to access good quality housing options. We are keen to hear from young people in the Highlands who are considering leaving home either due to a desire for independence or because they are experiencing conflict at home.

Our team can help young people to plan to leave home in a way that allows them to avoid homelessness and the chaotic lifestyle that goes with it.

We also offer:

  • help to source accommodation
  • help with benefits advice and claims
  • housing support
  • guidance on issues such as employability and affordability

To avoid homelessness we would like to hear from you as far in advance as possible of any crisis at home to allow the time to help you plan and structure how you leave home, rather than try and find you emergency homeless accommodation at a crisis point in your life.

In the current financial crisis the welfare benefit reforms are making it harder and harder for young people on a limited income to access good quality affordable housing, however it is possible to find such a property if you are prepared to flat share. This does not just involve sharing the benefits of independent living with your friends, it also means that you have to share the responsibilities that go with it and help one another with the household bills and tasks. If this is something that you would like to explore we can help you find a suitable property and help you to access the support to help you set this up and sustain it.

For further information visit: homelessness

email: homeless.prevention@highland.gov.uk

or telephone 01463 703877


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