College Applications - BKSB Assessment

Most Further Education colleges assess every learner’s ability in English and Maths when they begin their course or apprenticeship.

As part of the application process to College you may be asked to undertake an on-line initial assessment using the bksb (Basic and Key Skill Builder) tool or a similar tool. This is a way for the admissions team to match up your qualifications with your skill level in English and Maths.

The bksb Initial Assessment (English and Maths) is dynamic and adjusts the level according to the answers given – allowing you to see what level you are currently working at. If you answer a question incorrectly the next question will be slightly easier and if you answer the question correctly the next question may be slightly more challenging.

As you progress in your chosen course, bksb can also address your knowledge gaps in English, maths and ICT, by creating a bespoke on-line programme of learning activities relating to your areas of weakness and in-line with the content of your course.

If you want to find out more about the bksb tool check out this YouTube clip or sign up for a Free Trial.


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