What is the Employability Pipeline?

The Strategic Skills Pipeline model has been developed as a framework to support the effective delivery of employability services. The pipeline is made up of 5 key stages, whereby the needs of the individual are considered in relation to existing soft skills, employability skills and skills requiring development.

How do I know which stage is right for me?

There are a number of informal assessments that training providers and partners referring you to the programme can do with you before deciding which stage is best to meet your needs. Depending on each individual's circumstances, some of the activities may apply to more than one stage.

Here is an overview of each stage, but further information can be found on the Employability in Scotland website.

For an idea of where you may be in relation to this pipeline take our Self-Assessment Quiz.

Stage 1: Referral, Engagement and Assessment Status: Not Job Ready

This pipeline stage is about reaching out to individuals, supporting people into regular activity and positive routines, and helping them to connect with others.
Examples of activities at stage 1 include:

Stage 2: Needs Assessment Status: Not Job Ready

This stage sees a range of partners assessing the initial needs of clients and agreeing key activities to be undertaken with them in order to address any barriers to employment or training.
Example of Activities at Stage 2 include:

Stage 3: Vocational Activity Status: Job Ready

Stage 3 activities include delivering a range of accredited training, employability training for core skills, job search advice and activities to raise awareness of enterprise and entrepreneurship in order to meet the needs of individuals.
Examples of Activities at Stage 3 include:

Stage 4: Employer engagement and job matching Status: Job Ready

This stage includes activities such as arranging work or volunteer placements with employer, assisting individuals to secure job vacancies and matching job-ready clients to jobs.
Examples of Activities at Stage 4 include:

Stage 5: In work support and aftercare Status: In Work

Stage 5 actives include supporting individuals to maintain and progress within the workplace.
Examples of Activities at Stage 5 include:

This information has been taken from the Employability in Scotland website.

For further local information visit Highland Employability Services


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