Sight Action

Sight Action provides services to blind and partially sight adults and children across the Highland region and in the Western Isles.

People can refer themselves to us or are referred by GP, Health visitor, nurse, parent, spouse, OT, Physiotherapist etc. We have a referral form which is available by contacting our admin department. There is no cost to access our services.

Our Rehabilitation Officers visit people at home and assess how we may be able to help them with their vision loss. We can then supply equipment and training to enable them to be as independent as possible. For adults this may be specialist magnifiers, UV shields to protect from glare, lighting etc. We also provide training to allow people to move around safely indoors and out, using long cane or by sighted guide. Some items are free, like magnifiers, LLi’s, UV Shields, canes and some lights. Other items have to be paid for.

For children, we provide support and advice at home to them and their parent/carer. We supply toys, books and lights etc. that are designed to stimulate vision, concentration and fine motor skills. We receive no funding for these children’s items and are reliant on raising funds ourselves or through donations from other individuals or agencies.

We teach children mobility and long cane skills if needed and also independent living skills and advice their parents/carer on these also. When children reach school age they are passed to HEVSS (Highland Education and Vision Support Services) who ensure all the child’s educational needs are met. Should the child require further support in school, then Sight Action may be requested to provide input.

Sight Action will also provide support if needed when children/teenagers/young adults are transitioning from primary to secondary school, college, university or employment.

We can also offer work experience to young teenagers /adults to let then learn a little about what we do and how we can help children and adults who are blind or partially sighted and learn what a difference this support can make in their lives.

Sight Action has a website: and a facebook page.


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