The Institute of Engineering and Technology - Virtual Faraday Challenge

Due to the current circumstances we have adapted this year’s Faraday Challenge developed in partnership with Airbus to bring you our first Virtual Faraday Challenge!

Open for anyone between 7 to 15 years, young people can do this at home, in school, individually or as a group or family.

Based on a real-world problem, the Virtual Faraday Challenge brings together STEM subjects (science, design and technology, engineering and maths) in an engaging way and encourages the development of young people’s problem solving and communication skills.

The Virtual Faraday Challenge challenges young people to see if they can assist the work of Airbus in helping people around the world in times of need and work in the way engineers do in designing a new product.

The brief for the challenge is given by video from our Faraday Challenge Day Challenge Leaders and young people have to demonstrate that they have the engineering skills required to think of a solution and produce a design of their idea. If they want to also build a model of their idea, we would love to see them!

Designed to inspire young people to get creative, there is no time limit, but we will only be able to judge their ideas on what they present to us. Entries need to be submitted as a PowerPoint presentation following the guidance in the brief. The best entries will receive a prize and may even feature on our website.

Do you know someone who is up for the challenge? - Click here to find out more

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