Tenner Challenge - Young Enterprise

Tenner is Young Enterprise’s national challenge for 11-18 year olds. And it’s completely FREE!

Tenner Challenge*, helps young people develop key skills including creativity, positivity, resilience and problem solving, using real money to take calculated risks in business. Students have 1 month to set up a business - coming up with an idea of a product or service they can sell and experience what it’s like to be an entrepreneur. You can take part through your school, college or youth organisation - you must be registered by a teacher, lecturer or leader.

How the Tenner Challenge works:

Over four weeks you use £10 pledges to get your student business ideas off the ground and make as much profit as you can. Here’s how…

1. Here's a tenner!
Students research and decide on a product or service to invest their tenners in
2. Getting started
Teams need to source materials or products, prepare sales pitches, and plan selling events
3. Keep it going
Students get their product or service ready and promote their selling events
4. Payback and keep the profits
At end of the Challenge students calculate their profit and repaying £10 pledge plus £1 legacy contribution

The Tenner Challenge will take place from Monday 24 February - 27 March 2020. Deadline for registration for the Tenner Challenge closes on 27th March

Have a question? Call us on 01865 776845 or email us at info@tenner.org.uk
For further information - visit our website: https://www.tenner.org.uk/ and check out our video.
Key Dates:
Monday 24th February - Tenner Challenge starts and entries for competitions open
Friday 28th February - Deadline for Competition 1 - Logo Design
Friday 6th March - Deadline for Competition 2 - Sales Pitch
Friday 20th March - Challenge ends
Friday 27th March - Deadline to enter the National Tenner Challenge Competitions

*Tenner Challenge has been formally recognised by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) as a way of generating evidence for a number of SQA units. Each young entrepreneur who participates in the challenge can now use evidence of their participation and experience to meet the criteria of SQA’s Personal Development units in Self and Work; and Enterprise Activity.

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