Foundation Apprenticeship - UCAS recognition

Work-based learning through Foundation Apprenticeships has been given further recognition through the UK’s education admissions service, UCAS.

A Foundation Apprenticeship is already a qualification recognised by all universities and colleges across Scotland.  UCAS has now awarded Foundation Apprenticeships Tariff points, which are allocated to qualifications generally studied between the ages of 16 to 18 years old.  Through the Tarrif points system, UCAS translates qualifications and grades into a numerical value.  In awarding each of the 12 Foundation Apprenticeship subjects their own Tariff points, the admissions service has taken into account the time spent gaining experience and skills in the workplace.

Time on work-based learning recognised

Calculating time spent learning in the workplace in addition to traditional learning and assignments taken with a learning provider, such as a college, indicates further recognition of the importance of work-based learning within senior phase and tertiary education.

Most Foundation Apprenticeship subjects earn 42 Tariff points whilst Engineering and Civil Engineering earn 56 Tariff points.

Foundation Apprenticeships have been developed by Skills Development Scotland (SDS) in partnership with industry with support from the European Social Fund.

Studied in the senior phase of school alongside other subjects such as Nationals and Highers, Foundation Apprenticeships are delivered through blended learning.  All learners will be paired with a dedicated employer and learning provider.  Completion leads to a qualification at the same level of learning as a Higher.

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