Lead Scotland

Lead Scotland, is a voluntary organisation set up to empower disabled young people and adults and carers across Scotland to access learning opportunities.

The Supporting People, Connecting Communities project enables adults over 16, resident in Highland and Moray, who identify as disabled, experience exclusion, or are a carer, to learn. We are currently working remotely and can support learners one to one by video call, phone, or text. We can also provide support by video call to small groups. In appropriate circumstances we can also meet face-to-face outdoors. Our services are person centred and confidential.

Our participants will engage in non-formal or accredited learning activities structured around supporting them to identify their own outcomes and achieve their aims. We will support essential core skill development including literacy, numeracy, communication, digital skills and improving qualification profiles. This will support progression towards positive destinations relevant to each individual, matching their skills, abilities and motivation.

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To refer yourself, a family member or someone you are working with contact Michael Chamberlain our local Learning Coordinator on 07741 902 566 or email spcc@lead.org.uk with your details.


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