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UHI Inverness offers senior phase pupils the chance to study at the Inverness Campus and choose from a range of courses suitable for those who are ready to study at National 4, 5, Higher level and beyond. We also offer an access level course and a Christmas leaver’s course for those who need specific support with transition.

Our Skills for Work and National Progression Awards are ideal for pupils who wish to gain an insight into their chosen industry and take a step towards the world of work. We offer a small class environment, engaging lecturers and ‘real world’ insight to complement their theoretical study while enabling young people to begin to evidence their potential work related skills and talents.

For those who are ready to take a step further we have an excellent choice of Foundation Apprenticeships which allow S5 pupils to gain Higher level, industry recognised qualifications and work experience. When pupils finish their course in S6 they will be able to use their Foundation Apprenticeship group award to apply for selected courses in Universities* or to gain accelerated access into a Modern Apprenticeship.

Students in S6 can undertake a UHI undergraduate degree module as part of their school curriculum. This opportunity enables students who have already achieved their qualifications for entry to higher education to study a chosen subject in greater depth, gain credits at SCQF level 7 and acquire skills of independent study.

We have recently added Higher National Certificates (HNCs) to our offer. Although at the same level as the first year of an undergraduate degree the courses are different from degree qualifications in that they are more vocational and are designed to meet the needs of employers locally, nationally and internationally. Higher National Certificates provide both the practical skills students need to do a job and the theoretical knowledge an employer will expect you to have.

We have friendly and helpful staff available to answer any questions about the schools programme.

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