‘Fixers’ are a youth charity working with young people aged 16-25. Fixers has been running since 2009 and covers the whole of the UK.

We work with young people to find out what issues they are passionate about; bullying in schools, littering, prejudice, discrimination, how young people are treated and judged, expensive bus fares for young people, under-age drinking etc. Then we help to form a project idea around this issue – looking at what is the best way to highlight it: a website, animation, documentary, film, poster campaign, photographic display…… whatever we can think of.

The young people then work with our Creative Team, who come up from our Glasgow Hub to meet with the young people. The Creative Team help to make their ideas reality – they help them work out what resource will be the best way to ‘Fix’ what it is they are so passionate about. We then support the young people in taking whatever was produced (Play, film, website, music video) to a wider audience so that what they have created can actually create change.

Fixers is completely free to take part in – all expenses are covered – and any young person 16-25 can take part (working, not working, at school, college, whatever their situation). We work alongside existing youth work projects, schools, support groups, in order to help give young people a different opportunity while they are still well involved with their groups.

For further information contact details below or take a look at our projects by checking out this short film.


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