Abriachan Forest Trust

Encouraging learning in the outdoors has been a passion from the very beginning of the community’s stewardship of the surrounding land. This was fired up in no small part by our first Patron Katharine Stewart, who inspired learning for sustainability in Caiplich and Druim long before CfE. The enthusiasm of the local children in Active Abriachan spent a lot of time playing and volunteering and their Millennial legacy includes the various huts and shelters enjoyed by the children of 2018.

As well as topic specific school visits the Abriachan outdoor learning staff deliver Forest School for children and young learners who learn more effectively in an experiential situation outwith the usual classroom. This is done in close collaboration with the pupil’s school with the aim usually being reintegration or successful transition.

Outdoor Woodland Learning workshops for practitioners and school staff feature regularly in Abriachan.

Find out more about Abriachan Forest School: Early Years here.


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