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A Home of My Own

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Some young people are happy to stay with their families.

Some parents want them to leave. Some parents do not.

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Often they want to be independent and stay with people their own age.

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Some young people want to leave home.

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If you are thinking about leaving home you can get advice and practical help from a Social Worker.

There are people who can help if you do not have a home.

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They can tell people that you want a home of your own and make a housing application.

There are lots of things to think about like:

  • Looking after your money.
  • Buying food at the shops.
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There are people who help you live in your own home. These are called Housing Support Providers.

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Sometimes they can arrange the help you might need to live there.

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Please Note: There will be some instances where funding will be required to access a service listed in this directory. Application for this requires to be made following appropriate Highland Council and/or NHS assessment for Adult Services and consequent resource allocation procedures. Further information on accessing services can be obtained from your local Adult Services Team.