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Friends & Feelings

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Between the ages of 9 and 16 our bodies change.

This happens at different ages for different people.

Your body changes because you are going through puberty.

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This means that your body becomes able to have sex and make a baby.

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You can feel differently about yourself and others too.

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There are many things you might want to find out about like;

  • Having a relationship
  • Having safe sex
  • The changes to your body
  • What your feelings mean

You can talk to someone who you feel comfortable to talk with.

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It is very important that you find the right person to talk to.

This may be a parent, or a teacher, or a nurse.

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You can talk to someone who can explain things clearly.

Again, it’s your choice.

You can have different types of friendships and relationships.

You can decide if you are attracted to men or women, or both.

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Friendships and relationships can be with:

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  • A boyfriend or girlfriend
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  • Family
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  • Neighbours
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  • People you work with

These relationships can be good for you. They can be fun and supportive too.

But sometimes these relationships can be difficult.

There are different organisations that can help you.

a a a a a
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