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VISION 2020 (UK) Ltd

VISION 2020 UK is an umbrella organisation which facilitates greater collaboration and co–operation between organisations within the UK which focus on visual impairment and operate on a national, regional or international basis – VISION 2020 UK is a supporting member of the VISION 2020 Global Initiative.

VISION 2020 UKs objectives are:

  • To prevent avoidable blindness
  • To improve the quality of services to visually impaired people
  • To improve the training available to professionals providing advice and services
  • To improve communication between organisations within the VI Sector
  • To improve the availability of information to visually impaired people
  • To ensure that the voices of the visually impaired are heard when planning services and their opinions sought on key issues affecting their lives
  • To raise public awareness of the issues and problems relating to sight loss

In addition to the above, VISION 2020 UK will seek to provide a unified response on key issues affecting visually impaired people and to provide visual impairment sector representatives for consultation groups, working parties and project groups.

Twitter:  @Vision2020UK

For the Scottish Strategy see link: Scotland

Further information and contact details

Street Address: VISION 2020 (UK) Ltd, PO Box 70172, London, WC1A 9HH

Telephone: 07837 692026



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