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Shirlie Project - The Bigger Picture

What is The Bigger Picture?

The Bigger Picture programme supports young people with Autism and their families through the transitional period from education into life after school and beyond. Through the Bigger Picture we will work with you in a way that suits you best, so that you create an individual plan to empower and support you to move forward in your life.

Throughout the Bigger Picture you will be supported to develop a core support team under the guidance of the Shirlie Project.  The aim is for this support to be in place for the long term, thus reducing the stress for immediate family members. The Shirlie Project will assist you to take control of your own future by creating a tailored plan, then putting in place the support network of your choice to make your ambitions and dreams a reality.

Who can apply?

The Bigger Picture supports many young people with Autism through their final year in school. We will work with all secondary schools in the Highland area during 2016/17. The Bigger Picture is also available to anyone with Autism aged 16-24.
Employability workshops will be running from May 2016 for young people aged 16 – 24 who have Autism. These will also be available to young people who are in their final year at school. Further information will follow in Spring 2016.

What can you achieve?

By participating in The Bigger Picture programme you will:

  • Create your own action plan for when you leave school
  • Develop your support network to help you move on from school.
  • Increase your confidence
  • Have an understanding of your own skills and abilities

This quote is from Karen Smith, Support for Learning teacher at Culloden Academy explaining why the Bigger Picture works when many other interventions don’t.

‘Being a programme for young people is for me a big part of its success. All too often we have Solution Focussed meetings and Transition meetings about young people and although there is every effort made to get young people involved I never really feel we get there in the way that we should. The Bigger Picture allows the pupils to take more ownership of their plan and even gives them the confidence to be able to talk and be part of meetings with a better understanding of pathways that might be ahead’.

Could I get a training allowance?

If you are still in school when taking part in the Bigger Picture you will continue to receive either child benefit or EMA if you are eligible.

Who do I contact to find out more?

If you are interested in this programme you should speak to your Support for Learning Teacher at school or for general enquiries contact The Shirlie Project directly - details below.

Further information and contact details

Street Address: Head Office, 40 Longman Drive, Inverness, IV1 1SU

Telephone: 01463 716179

Secondary Telephone: 08000 546747



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