NHS Highland: Acute Learning Disabilities Liaison Nurse download pdf

NHS Highland: Acute Learning Disabilities Liaison Nurse

Community Learning Disability Nurses are able to provide advice and support in the care of adults with a learning disability, when accessing hospital for an:

  •   Elective Admission
  •   Out-Patient Attendance
  •   Emergency Admission
  •   Dental Service

 The Community Learning Disability Nurse can provide advice and guidance to ensure:

  •  Appropriate co-ordination of care – on admission, at attendance and discharge.
  •  Acute care staff are supported and are able to provide person centred care and service delivery
  •  Liaison with services, teams and departments across NHS Highland.
  •  That individuals are prepared for hospital treatment including home or hospital visits
  •  The promotion and advice relating to meaningful communication with those involved in the patient’s care
  •  The provision of education within clinical areas, as well as contributing to wider training programmes

Referrals via a formal referral form or telephone (may seek further written information) are accepted from:

  •  People with a Learning Disability
  •  Learning Disability Services
  •  Hospital Staff – all disciplines
  •  Parents/carers
  •  General Practitioners
  •  Social workers

Contact should be made with the local Learning Disabilities nursing team where possible. Where not known, signposting or immediate advice can be obtained from staff at The Willows Assessment & Treatment Unit, Newcraigs Hospital (Tel. 01463 704000 and ask for The Willows ward)

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Please Note: There will be some instances where funding will be required to access a service listed in this directory. Application for this requires to be made following appropriate Highland Council and/or NHS assessment for Adult Services and consequent resource allocation procedures. Further information on accessing services can be obtained from your local Adult Services Team.