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Deaf Services

The Deaf Services Team provide a range of services throughout the Highland area for people of all ages who are Deaf, hard of hearing, deafened or Deafblind and their families and carers. The work of the team is split broadly into 2 categories:

  • Deaf Services
  • Hearing Support

Deaf Services are a small, committed team of qualified social workers and support workers, all with communication skills and specialist knowledge regarding the impact of deafness. Their work includes:

  • The full range of social work services with people who are profoundly or severely deaf and find mainstream services inaccessible due to language barriers.
  • Work with parents and carers of children who are deaf, in liaison with Highland Deaf Education Services.
  • Advice and support with any issues specific to deafness.

Hearing Support – their trained deaf support specialists can:

  • Offer advice, guidance and information in all areas of hearing loss
  • Assess people for specialist environmental equipment for the home

Further information and contact details

Street Address: The Highland Council, 4 Fodderty Way, Dingwall, IV15 9XB

Telephone: 01349 868711

Secondary Telephone: 07887 833 889 (SMS only)

Fax: 01349 864438


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Please Note: There will be some instances where funding will be required to access a service listed in this directory. Application for this requires to be made following appropriate Highland Council and/or NHS assessment for Adult Services and consequent resource allocation procedures. Further information on accessing services can be obtained from your local Adult Services Team.