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Activity Agreements - The Highland Council

Activity Agreements are a formal agreement, between a young person and an advisor (Trusted Professional), that the young person will participate in a programme of tailored learning and activity based on an assessment of their immediate and future skills needs, so that when they're ready they can move on from this to further education, training or employment.  It can include volunteering, short courses, supported learning and practical experience including work tasters.  The Trusted Professional will act to support you in an advisory and guidance role.

Activity Agreements are specifically for young people who:

  • have left school
  • are aged between 16 and 17 (up to 18 in some cases and up to 19 for those with additional support needs or learning difficulties)
  • are not in education, employment or training and who have been assessed as requiring the intensive support needed to (re)engage through a tailored learning approach offered by an AA in order to progress onto further learning or training and develop the skills needed to enter the labour market. 
  • are leaving school without an Opportunities for All offer in place and for whom an Activity Agreement has been identified as the most appropriate post-school intervention, based on an assessment of their learning and skills needs.  
  • are unable or not ready to access other options after leaving school because of problems such as prolonged absence from school, disabilities or learning difficulties
  • are/have been unable to sustain 16 or more hours (classed as almost full-time) on other provision.  

There is no initial minimum engagement, but there is the expectation that by participating on an Activity Agreement young people's activity will evolve or become more demanding resulting in longer periods of participation to enable progression.  Young people may be able to access Educational Maintenance Allowance during the duration of their Activity Agreement if they meet the criteria and hours agreed in their learning plan.

Activity Agreement usually sit at Stage 1 progressing to Stage 2 of the Strategic Skills Pipeline.

Further information about Activity Agreements can be found in the Guidance document attached below.


file Activity_Agreement_-_Guidance_-_latest_2016.doc

Activity Agreements - Guidance

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