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16plus Planning

Capturing the intentions and destinations of young people:

Before pupils become eligible to leave school they should be supported to consider what they want to do when they leave school and when they might leave.  From S4* onwards (some schools collect this information in BGE) every pupil should complete a 16+ planning form which collects information about their anticipated school leaving date, preferred route and preferred occupation.  

The information should ensure you can identify pupils who require support and will aid you to plan work-related learning activities as part of your DYW strategy.  If you prefer to collate this data using google forms email: ann.gillies3@highland.gov.uk for access rights, providing your highlandschools email address.

Links to the legislation and Scottish Government Framework can be found here: https://hi-hope.org/directory/listing/opportunities-for-all/

Who is included?

  • *Any S3 and above student (Mainstream School) or student aged 14.5 and over (Special School) who is classified as ASN and is eligible to leave in S4
  • Any students in S3 and above aged over 15 and under 25

Templates and useful information for schools:

School Leaver definition form - Document 1:

Document 1 attached below provides a comprehensive description of the different options available to young people when planning what they would like to do when they leave school. These defintions tie-in with options on SEEMiS and are in alignment with the definitions used by Skills Development Scotland. It will provide information about what is defined as Higher Education; what is defined as Further Education; what is defined as employment etc. This information has been udpated in 2020 as Activity Agreements are no longer an option.

Form A - Planning for leaving School - Document 2:

This form is used to capture information about young people’s intentions.  Pupils are required to note what they plan to do when they leave school, when they plan to leave and what their preferred occupation is. This can be updated at any time and is an indication of pupil leaving intentions that should support 16+ and DYW planning.

There is the option for young people to state that they 'need some help deciding'.  This can be marked as ‘unable to determine’ on SEEMiS, which should flag-up that further support and guidance is required. This status however is for schools only and will not pull through to the Datahub, so will appear as a blank to SDS. It is important, where possible, to try and complete this gap as soon as possible.

Form B – School Leaver's Form - Post-School Offer - Document 3:

This form is used to capture information about the Actual Destination of school leavers.  This information should be collated prior to pupil leaving date where possible.  It is also beneficial to update leaver's contact information so that they can be contacted by SDS to ensure accurate information for the Insight destination report.  Do not input uncertain information onto SEEMiS, only confirmed destinations. There is a space to write notes about multiple offers on the form such as College applications, job applications, unconfirmed offers etc. This can be recorded in the SEEMiS 16+ notes section.

Key Dates and Activities Timeline - Document 4:

This monthly planner provides an overview of activities and key dates for 16+ planning data capture around pupil anticipated leave dates, preferred routes and preferred occupations. It also provides details of key dates for publications and deadlines for noting leavers information.

SEEMiS 16+ Help pages - Document 5:

Updated guidance from SEEMiS on inputing  16+ information.

SEEMiS Bulk Entry Guidance - Document 6:

Instructions with screenshots to show you how to enter information using the SEEMiS bulk entry option.

Guidance for 16+ Meetings - Document 7:

Guidance for hosting 16+ meetings in schools to support planning for leaving school, particularly for those most at risk of not achieving a positive destination.


file Updated_School_leaving_destination_definitions.docx

School Leaver Destination Definitions - updated 2020

file Form_A_-_16+_Planning_for_leaving_school.pdf

Form A - Planning for leaving School

file Printable_Leavers_Form.pdf

Form B - School Leaver's Form

file 16+_Planning_Timeline_2020-21.pdf

Key Dates & School Activities - Timeline 2020-2021 (New - May 2020)

file SEEMiS_16+Update_-_Help_pages_-_Sept_2018.docx

SEEMiS 16+ Help Pages

file SEEMiS_bulk_entry_guidance.pdf

SEEMiS Bulk Entry Guidance

file 16+_Meeting_Summary.pdf

Guidance for 16+ meetings

Further information and contact details

Street Address: Highland Council Headquarters, Glenurquhart Road, Inverness, IV3 5NX

Telephone: 01463 702038

Secondary Telephone: 07818 588253

Email: ann.gillies3@highland.gov.uk

Website: www.hi-hope.org

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