The Macdonald Highland Trainee Chefs Programme

Aim - Build a talent pool of well-developed and qualified Chefs and Head Chefs of the future.

Build relationships with the local and wider Highlands and Islands community and promote Cooking and Hospitality as a career of choice.

Work in Partnership with University of Highlands and Islands through Inverness College.

With funding streams provided through Skills Development Scotland for level 5+ in Modern Apprenticeships.

Target level in School leavers 16-18 year olds. The initial training will form the basis of 10 units 4 of which are Mandatory as per SCQF guidelines, which will run between March 2018 - May 2018 with a block of 5 day release for the students to attend Inverness College as part of the programme.

The students will be assessed on a continuous basis by our on-site experts and external assessors from IC. Masterclasses will be provided by the Regional and or the Executive Chef on a Monthly basis. Weekly reviews will also be held by the management team on site.

IC will support the recruitment process which form a local, national and international search. Students will complete an online test and an assessment day run in tandem with IC and Macdonald Aviemore Resort Held at the Colleges. Successful candidates will attend induction run jointly by IC and Aviemore Resort.

IC in conjunction with SQF will also provide an e-portfolio for the students to upload evidence and keep a track of their learning which will also be reviewed at the weekly meetings.

Accommodation will be provided, a block of rooms in staff accommodation will be assigned so that the students can be in close proximity of each other. Chefs whites will be provided and a set of knives per candidate at the cost of £80 per set. On completion of the programme the Chefs will be invited to attend a Graduation Ceremony held on site.

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