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Job overview

As a Service Technician you will be involved in all aspects of maintenance and repair, from routine servicing to the complete component overhaul of vehicle systems.

The Service Department of your local dealership has become a vital part in the success of the business by creating a service and experience to attract and maintain a loyal customer base in the life cycle of a vehicle.

The Service Technician plays a role in this by providing the service needed to increase longevity and safety in their vehicle's life. In order to provide that service, electronic fault diagnosis using the latest diagnostic equipment now forms part of the everyday routine in Volkswagen Group Centres. Technicians are also vital to customer care.

The service provided by the workshop is a major factor considered by customers when they decide to replace their car.

What might a typical day in this job look like?

Main duties for this service technician vacancy include the following;

• Identify problems, often by using diagnostic equipment

• Test parts & systems to ensure they are working correctly

• Following checklists to ensure all critical parts are examined

• Bumper to bumper overview, service and inspection

• Cooling and lubrication, air & exhaust systems

• Maintenance of electronic systems such as braking & suspension, as well as steering, wheels and tyres

• Clutches, manual/auto gearboxes, drivelines

• Disassemble & reassemble parts

• Working with traditional, hybrid & electronic engines

• Maintain a clean & tidy work environment to ensure equipment longevity and workplace safety

• Maintain legible & accurate paperwork for the customer and for the centre's records

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