Outdoor Nursery Practitioner - Stramash

Job overview

To complete a two year Modern Apprenticeship with Stramash:

1) work as part of the Stramash Team to provide high-quality learning and play opportunities in an outdoor nursery setting to children aged 2 to 5 years (primary age during school holidays)

2) foster an environment which supports every child's needs and encourages every child's development

3) use this work-based practice to complete a SVQ Level 3 in Social Services (Children & Young People) What might a typical day in this job look like?

Tasks and Responsibilities:

1) Work together with the Nursery Team to deliver high quality pre-school early learning and childcare provision in an outdoor setting.

2) Take part in a training programme which will provide underpinning knowledge and understanding of children's learning, care and development, through monthly tutor sessions and completion of a series of assignments.

3) Use this work-based practice to put together a portfolio of evidence demonstrating performance and knowledge in order to complete a Level 3 SVQ in Social Services (Children & Young People), with the support of a work-based Assessor.

4) Take on increasing responsibility for a small group of children, ensuring they have access to and participate in, a range of outdoor learning and play opportunities.

5) Help to promote a happy, caring and welcoming atmosphere for children, parents, staff, volunteers and visitors.

6) Support other members of staff as required.

7) Assist in providing effective and regular feedback to parents.

8) Assist with the recording and reporting of children's learning, care and development.

9) Assist with the care, maintenance and security of the nursery site, equipment and resources.

10) Implement all Stramash policies and procedures.

11) Take part in regular and appropriate professional development and training opportunities.

12) Assist with the planning and delivery of special nursery events and activities, some of which may take place during evenings and weekends.

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