Building Standards Surveyor (Graduate Apprentice)

This role is open to a candidate that has ambition to develop to a professional grade. The position initially will be on a fixed grade basis and will change as successful assessments/competencies/stages are achieved.

This will be a progressive approach to the development of a candidate ultimately leading to a building standards surveying post and will provide a structure for set levels of advancement in skills, knowledge and competence leading to a building qualification.

The apprenticeship will be a contract with the employee that covers the advancement and outcomes for the Council and candidate.  The contract will detail the range of duties and responsibilities of those involved with the organisation, management and mentoring of the role.  Assessment of each stage will be in the form of a technical review by the Building Standards Management Team and the appointed Workplace Mentor with a recommendation to the Head of Planning and Environment for approval.

The starting point would be a higher-level school leaver or university or practical qualification and the completion would be a Graduate Building Standards Surveyor that has achieved a Graduate Apprenticeship in BSc (Hons) Construction and the Built Environment

Please see this link for further details

Closing date is 9 September 2018.


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