Arnold Clark - Long Term Work Experience Placements

Arnold Clark are offering long term work experience placements in their Aftersales division.

The experience will include the pupils spending one or two days a week from October through to April learning how things work in the Arnold Clark branch that they are placed in and becoming a customer service champion. After the placement has been completed, there may be opportunities for the young people to work towards a customer service apprenticeship (a valuable qualification that is relevant in almost every sector).

This exciting opportunity is available to fifth and sixth year students. The pupils will need a minimum of a National 4 Grade in Maths and English, and either a Business or IT subject too. Arnold Clark are offering this pre-apprenticeship work experience programme as it is intended to help the pupils decide if they are suited to the desired area of work and to assess whether they are suitable to join the apprenticeship programme.

Are you interested in this programme? Then follow the application process below-

Step 1 The young person shows an interest in an extended work experience placement.

Step 2 The school work experience coordinator initiates the application by contacting Jen Miller and requesting a pre-apprenticeship placement pack. Applications must be completed in full, providing details of why the young person wishes to pursue a career within the area they have requested and any grades they are working towards.

Step 3 The pupil and the school work experience coordinator completes the extended placement application form and must also answer questions on why the applicant is suitable for the pre-apprenticeship programme. This should then be sent to

Step 4 The application is reviewed by Jen Miller and is considered based on:

• Career aspirations.

• Suitability for MA programme.

• Suitability for branch (e.g. travelling distance).

• Statement from work experience coordinator.

Step 5 Jen Miller will contact the school work experience coordinator to confirm if the pre-apprenticeship programme can be offered to the pupil and where appropriate, the dates of attendance.

Step 6 On completion of the programme, managers will provide feedback to Jen Miller on the candidates they consider to be suitable for an apprenticeship opportunity, and if there are suitable trainee vacancies there would be further opportunity for them to be considered for these.

Step 7 Jen Miller will contact any applicants that are suitable for an apprenticeship.

The selection process will be discussed nearer to this time.

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