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This is an online resource listing what's out there for young people leaving school in the Highlands. It is aimed at the 14+ to 24 age group. It will also be of relevance to anyone who supports young people at this stage in their life. This resource is in four sections:


The directory is sub-divided into six categories containing information about choices, opportunities and services available in Highland and beyond, to support transition for all young people from school into adulthood.

An easy read section is included to enable understanding and to promote discussion of the content of the Directory for young people with additional support needs.

Learning Choices

Learning Choices has five categories to enable research of opportunities whether you are staying on at school post 16 or considering opportunities such as further education, higher education, training, volunteering or employment.

It also contains information about other topics that could help you.

Skills Spotlight

Skills Spotlight has been developed to highlight training opportunities relating to employability skills. It will help you to consider your options at the point of leaving school, and beyond, up to the age of 24. Skills Spotlight will help you to research what is available in your area and to plan for further learning or eventual employment.

All opportunities are categorised by age, Stages 1 to 5 on the skills spotlight, skills on offer and area. You can also:

  • Take the self-assessment quiz to help you decide which level is best for you
  • Read each stage description, then select the best level for you
  • Go directly into the stage and select your area to find out what is available
  • Choose opportunities by the skills on offer


This section is updated on a daily basis and offers information about jobs for young people, volunteering opportunities, events, updates, courses and news items. It also lists wider training opportunities and has a calendar of events.


Searches can be conducted by topic, area or A-Z. A search box for key words appears at the top of each page.

All entries can be saved as a PDF document to a personal folder.

hi-hope.org is compatible with any device with internet access.

Find out about…


Self Directed Support

Self Directed Support is the principle that people have informed choice about the way their social care and support is provided to them by taking control of the money spent on that support. The new legislation that came into force on 1st April 2014,  'Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013'… read more…


Youth Awards

The Awards Network is a partnership of 24 awards’ providers who work together to provide clarity to learning providers on the range of individual learning awards available in Scotland. The Awards Network has developed a publication, Amazing Things – a guide to the youth awards in Scotland, to promote the… read more…


National Autistic Society (NAS) Scotland Prospects

Prospects is an employment and training service for people with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) who wish to work. Our aim is that people with an ASD should have the same training and employment opportunities as non–disabled people. We also work with employers to help with the… read more…


Wide Horizons for Sports Leaders Course - Caithness

Effective leadership is an important quality for sports leaders to develop. By strengthening the understanding of key leadership concepts, coaches and other volunteers are able to make an even bigger contribution in their communities. This programme is an ideal opportunity for people actively engaged in voluntary or part-time paid roles… read more…
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Please Note: There will be some instances where funding will be required to access a service listed in this directory. Application for this requires to be made following appropriate Highland Council and/or NHS assessment for Adult Services and consequent resource allocation procedures. Further information on accessing services can be obtained from your local Adult Services Team.